One of the world’s lightest outriggers!

TRACER keeps the simplicity of the Tessier models and it’s stronger, lighter and it looks better!

Sit skier with Tracer Tessier outriggers

TRACER outriggers by Tessier

For sitskiers who want simple and light equipment.

Weight: 995 g / 2,19 lb per unit

Easy to use. No flip ski to change when skiing or moving on flat surface.

The “fixed” ski tips offer a precise and reassured contact with the snow.

Telescopic tubes offering a large setting amplitude.

The unique profile of the aluminium tubes offers a resistance and an original design.

Cuff for Tracer Tessier outriggers

New design and many adjustment possibilities

The wide cuff offers a good maintain of the forearm and a great comfort.

The molded ski tips offer a smooth and precise contact with the snow.

Many ski tip angle adjustment to give a comforting touch for beginners or a great glide for the best skiers.

Removable off load assist to easily going out of the chairlift.

Tessier ski tip for Tracer outrigger
Off load assist for Tracer Tessier outriggers
Off load assist for TRACER outriggers
three claws in front of the TRACER ski tip Tessier

The fixed ski tip allows to move easily

More safety and stability when using the chairlifts thanks to the 3 claws in the front of the ski tip. Very efficient!

Ski tips for TRACER outriggers Tessier
New ski tips for Tessier TRACER outriggers
lifting up the frame with TRACER outriggers
three claws in front of the TRACER ski tip Tessier

Outriggers TRACER are available for standup skiers

Simple and light equipment.
Telescopic tubes offering a large setting amplitude.
The unique profil of the aluminium tubes offers hardness and an original design.

Superlite outriggers range from TESSIER sit ski

Superlite outriggers

Renowned for their lightness.

The cord fixed under the handle allows the skier to switch from the ski position to the crutch position, or in return depending on the chosen configuration.

The rubber handle offers comfort and a good handling.

Several lengths available including a telescopic adjustment.

The armrest is wide and comfortable.

The ski tip angle is adjustable and will follow your improvements.

Superlite titanium outriggers from TESSIER sit ski

Superlite outriggers – Custom Titanium

Light, strong and pure!

Produced on demand to your exact measurements, Titaniums are available in option with Ergonomic grips, made of soft rubber with left and right hand specific.

Off load assist for Superlite outriggers

Produced by TESSIER, the off load assist is the best accessory to facilitate you off loading at the end of the chairlift. Specially designed for the Superlite model.

Superlite Outriggers with NEXGen Ski Tip sold by TESSIER

Superlite with NEXGEN ski tip

We only deliver Superlite with NEXGEN ski tips which are lighter and stronger than the previous ones.

A tapered and rockered tail reduce “chatter” at speed while an open pin design reduces the chance of snow jamming. The overall ski angle can be adjusted up to 15 degrees lower. Baskets are integrated into the ski tip itself.

Standing skiing with Superlite Outriggers sold by TESSIER

Superlite for standing skiing

Mainly intended to amputee skiers for a standing skiing practice.

3 available sizes for kids as well as tall skiers.