Foot fairing in composite materials

Your legs protection is important.

Several options are available to you.

Racing foot fairing

Required for racing, the Racing foot fairing protects your legs from shocks.

It can be well adjusted to each user thanks to its hard cover in 2 parts.

Streamlined, it has to be used with neoprene diving boots or very thin shoes.

Available for the Scarver and Tempo.

3 possible finishes: carbon, kevlar-carbon or Gelcoat.

Carbon Racing footfairing

Kevlar-Carbon Racing footfairing

Black Gelcoat Racing footfairing

White Gelcoat Racing footfairing

Footrest in composite materials

A composite material footrest is nearly always used with the Scarver and it’s available for the Tempo too as an option.

It’s made of fiber glass and carbon reinforcements.

Available in 4 sizes (S, M, L et XL) and 2 colors (white and black), they can all be used with the fabric leg cover.