Cimgo – Mountain for everybody, in summer too !

Fond of Piloted Dualski, Tempo Duo or Tandem’Flex in winter, you miss a similar activity when the snow has melt…This lack will be filled thanks to the Cimgo.

With the Cimgo you can ride many tracks, more or less craggy, to discover new places unaccessible until now, to admire new landscapes or to accompany your mountain biker friends.

Just enjoy the ride !

Cimgo frame: 3 years warranty


At the rear of the Cimgo, standing into skates, the pilot who followed a special training is in perfect position to face any hazard. He steers the front wheels using the inclinable handlebar.

On the front, the passenger is comfortably installed in a bucket seat.

If those are wide enough, most paths and trails will be accessible in Cimgo, even the most trial of those.

Hard to say if the pilot or the passenger will be the happiest riding the Cimgo. If you figure this out, let us know !



You will share with your friends or your family great moments and unique feelings when riding down the forest or through fields.


4 shock absorbers and a bucket seat will allow you to fully benefit the nature.


Designed for everyone, whatever the weight of the passenger and its disability.

Technical specs

Cimgo Tessier

An optimal safety

A security roll bar protects the passenger.

The pilot is linked to a safety brake that will be automatically initiated in case of fall. This system is also used as parking brake.


Cimgo Tessier

Amazing grip and braking system

For your comfort and safety, the Cimgo is equiped with :

– 4 progressive shock absorbers, so that even rocky trails will become a pleasure.

– 4 motocross wheels (14 inches) equiped with cross tires which offer a high grip and reliability.

– 4 powerful hydraulic disc brakes for optimum braking composed of 2 independent hydraulic control systems for front and rear wheels.


Cimgo Tessier certificated by the french government for chairlifts

Usable on chairlifts and gondolas

Cimgo is certificated by the French Government for the use of chairlifts and gondolas.

The passenger stays in the removable bucket seat equipped with 2 small wheels. He will be easily pushed to the lift, then safely installed on the chair behind the restraining bar.

The handlebar of the frame is folded as the Cimgo can be put on the next chair or in the gondola.

The Cimgo can also be pulled by a quad bike, a horse or sledge-dogs.


Tessier trainings for piloting the Cimgo
Do you offer a training to use TESSIER products?
A 2-day training is complusory for the pilot in order to offer a unique activity including optimal safety conditions.

Such trainings are offered by TESSIER trainer partners.

Details on Training page



“What a novative frame, the Cimgo from Pierre TESSIER who has already make his proofs for sit ski and especially for high injured people. TESSIER’s team and their equipment allow us getting a big air flush and make us inaccessible. I know that TESSIER keeps innovating to give happiness to disabled people.”
Cédric Gentina

Cimgo and Tandem'Flex rider

Some trail ideas in Savoy on Savoie-MontBlanc website.

To be discovered !


CIMGO trails Mont-Blanc

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