Seats – A wide choice

For a sitskier the seat is the equivalent of the ski boot of a standing skier. The choice of the size is consequently essential.

TESSIER offers 6 adult sizes of seats for sitski, 1 children size and 2 kinds of bucket seats.

Special adaptations can be done according on your needs.

Tessier sitski seat

General specs

Our seats are comfortable et reliable thanks to the use of high quality matérials:

– Made of composite material with a carbon reinforcement. 3 available finishing coat: Kevlar-carbon, carbon, Gelcoat.

Waterproof foam into the seat and the backrest.

– “Memory shape” cushion.

Our seats are available with several height and width of backrest. Special adaptation can be done on request.

They are interchangeable between all our frames.

TESSIER sitski composite gelcoat seat

Gelcoat articulated seat

The new Tessier identity. White is the standard and several colours are available to customize your seat. (on request)

Tessier sitski kevlar carbon seat

Kevlar-carbon articulated seat

The well known Tessier color. Available now on request.

Tessier sitski carbon seat

Carbon articulated seat

Skiers who attach importance to their sitski’s aestheticism will be satisfied by such a great carbon finishing coat. Made on order.

Tessier bucket seat for piloted Dualski or Tempo Duo bi-ski

Articulated bucket seat

Designed for the Piloted Dualski or the Tempo Duo, this seat is used in addition to the piloting bar, to be ski by half dependent or totally dependent persons.

Mounted on the Snow’Kart, it provides an additional support for people who need a better it.

Equipped with a 4-point harness for a perfect support.

1 buckle allows a central opening and 2 other buckles for a lateral opening.

Tessier bucket seat for Tempo Duo bi-ski or Tandem'Flex

“Grand Confort” bucket seat

The reference in terms of comfort ! Available with the Tandem’Flex and the Tempo Duo.

Priority on safety thanks to the 4-point harness. The lateral opening system makes easier the installation of the skier.

Its ergonomical shape and wide seat will give you a real pleasure.

Made with leather cover that contains Bultex high-density foams.

TESSIER sitski custom made seat

Special adaptations

We produce on demand special seats depending on your needs.

Special shape, higher backrest, additional chest straps for a better support…Ask us.

TESSIER sitski backrest adjustment with buckle
TESSIER sitski backrest adjustment with ratchet

Strap for backrest adjustment

With the exception of the “Grand confort” bucket seat, all our backrests are articulated. A pratical and strong strap brings the possibility to adjust bending backwards and forwards.

In option, the backrest adjustment can be done thanks to a ratchet buckle.

TESSIER sitski chest strap velcro
TESSIER sitski chest strap in 3 parts

Chest strap

A Velcro strap, or a “quick buckle” in option, brings you an excellent support into the backrest. Perfect to transmit with precision your upper body movements.

TESSIER sitski safety harness 4-point

Safety harness

Both the articulated bucket seat and the “Grand Confort” seat are equipped with the 4-point harness.

Installation of the skier became easy thanks to one central buckle and two lateral buckles allowing a complete opening of the harness.

Shoulder straps are wide and very comfortable.

TESSIER sitski safety brakes for seats

Lateral safety brakes

All our seats (except bucket seats) are equipped with lateral safety brakes in order to limit the acceleration on the slope as a result of a fall.

Such brakes are compulsory for racing.