Leg covers – Keep warm and dry!

Mountain weather conditions can sometimes be very hard. Do not forget your protection against coldness, the wind and snow spatter.

As Solo skier or Duo passenger, we offer you several solutions to fit with your practice.

UTY-TESSIER warm cover for Duo sitski and bi-ski

UTY / Tessier cover

The indispensable accessory to keep warm.

We focused on the ergonomy in order to offer every skier the best level of comfort and to fit perfectly the shape of our bucket seats.

The volume is large enough to put the arms into the cover in case of very cold temperature.

Several straps to adjust the cover as close as possible to the skier for a better comfort.

Available in one size.

installation of the passenger into the UTY Tessier warm cover
installation of the passenger in the warm cover uty tessier


The ergonomic shape of the cover makes easy the installation of the skier.

The central zip enables to open entirely the cover. Also possible to open the zip from the feet.

Order your UTY warm cover online!

416,00  TTC

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TESSIER fabric leg cover sitski

Fabric leg cover

Practical and ergonomic it fits both your feet and legs and provides you a very good protection against the wind and snow spatter.

A large pocket offers you the possibility to store small equipment, your skilift harness system, something to eat …

Order your leg cover online!

131,00  TTC

In stock (can be backordered)