Snow’Kart, the ski_kart new generation!

Become more independent thanks to a quick and simple handling.

The most beautiful slopes are yours now!

For whom?

  • Teaching / Learning 100% 100%
  • Leisure skiing 100% 100%

Ski almost independently on every slope with the Snow’Kart.

Snow’Kart is destined to people who have a lack of strength in the upper body and/or who don’t have enough balance to ski with Uniski or Dualski.

Thanks to the Easy Drive kit, the Snow’Kart is the only equipment in the world that could be driven by one hand.



Go down a slope in total independence is a piece of cake.

With the Easy Drive kit, drive with only one hand!


Easy to handle.

Quick learning.


Wide frame and low gravity center for an excellent stability.

Technical characteristics

Excellent maniability thanks to the Snow’Kart levers


The levers are very easy to use.

Their moves were totally rethought to make it almost effortless to handle.

A kid adaptation is available with a reduce space between the levers.

Levers are very easily removable to swap from a configuration to another.

Excellent stability of the Snow’Kart Tessier thanks to a wide and low frame


The low gravity center offers an excellent stability and allows skiing without looking for your balance.

Turns are softer.

The sensations are unique with this equipment.

Removable levers on Snow'Kart Tessier

Interchangeable levers

The Snow’Kart is equipped in series of directional levers which fit to most of the users.

The kid adaptation is available as an option. The width between the levers is shorter for an easier handling.

The EasyDrive kit is available as an option for driving with only one hand, or two low strength hands.

It is possible to swap quickly and easily from a configuration to another.

Easy Drive kit to drive the Snow'Kart Tessier with one hand

Easy Drive kit

The EasyDrive kit allows every person who could use only one hand to ski almost independently.

The performances and ease are remarkable.

This kit is quickly and easily mounted instead of the standard levers.

Children levers for Snow'Kart - Tessier

Children levers

The “children ” levers enable people with short arms to use the Snow’Kart.

2 positions are possible:

  • Levers backward
  • Levers inward

Available as an option, they are quickly and easily mounted.

Effortless chairlift use thanks to the perfect balance of the Snow’Kart Tessier

Chairlift use

A strong gas jack helps to lift up the Snow’Kart in high position.

The frame kinematic was studied to facilitate extremely the loading and unloading

Frame locking system in high position on Snow'Kart Tessier

Locking system in high position

For more safety and comfort while taking the chairlift, the Snow’Kart is equipped with the locking system in high position.

The accompanist doesn’t need to make any effort.

locking the right ski before taking the chairlift with the snow kart

Locking of the right ski

In order to facilitate chairlifts loading and unloading, a simple mechanism enables to lock the right ski of the Snow’Kart.

Mounting the assistance bar on Snow'Kart Tessier

Assistance bar

The assistance bar could be quickly removed for storing or transporting easily the Snow’Kart.

Options et accessories

Tessier carbon seat
Which seat to choose?

TESSIER offers composite seats adapted to everyone.

– 7 sizes whose 1 kid, with different backrest height and width.

– 3 completions: Kevlar-carbon, Carbon and Gelcoat.

– Articulated bucket seat

– Personalization.

Details on seat page


disable skiing for kids
Does it fit with child and person of short stature?

Yes thanks to 2 accessories :

– “children» seat. A small size for young skiers !

Details on Seats page

– Raised footrest : replace easily the standard footrest when legs are too short.

Leg protections for sitski Tessier
Which legs protection to choose?

– The fabric leg cover is ideal for a leisure use. Soft, easy to install and useful with the pocket on the knees. It protects you from wind and snow projection.

Details on leg covers pages

Fix'Hand'Ski gloves Tessier for the use of outriggers or Snow'Kart
Do you offer accessories to strap hands on levers for people who can't hold it tight?

Yes. “Fix’Hand’Ski” gloves are perfect for people who don’t have enough strength in their hands to hold tightly the levers.

Details on Fix’Hand’Ski page

Ski lift harness for Tessier sitski
What do I need to take the draglift?

The ski lift harness is essential for the use of draglift.

Several models are available in function of the kind of lift (poma lift or T-bar)

In France, the use of a same pole by the sitskier and its pilot can be allowed only if the draglift can support such a load.

Details on skilift harness page

(Every TESSIER products are certificated by the French Government to take the chairlift without any additional accessories. Chairlifts are more comfortable ; we can really recommend that you favour it)

UTY adapted clothes for sitskiing
Do you offer an adapted range of sitskiing clothes?

TESSIER is official distributor of UTY®, clothes for sitskiers: Ski jackets, ski pants and softshell.

The shape and all the details are designed for a comfortable use in a seated position.

Details on UTY page

TESSIER also has a partnership with Kinetic Balance. You can benefit from 5% discount on their products using the coupon code Tessierkb5 on the online shop :

Wheelblades for wheelchair
How to move easily on the snow with my wheelchair?

Wheelblades are the ideal solution to move on the snow with a wheelchair.

Compact, light, easy to use and fast to install on the front wheels.

Perfect to access to the slopes and move in a snowy ski resort.

Details and video on Wheelblades page

Choose your skis for Tessier sitski
Are the skis included?

If you want.

TESSIER equipment is usable with standard skis and bindings of every brand.

We offer several model from Rossignol, tested and selected to offer you the most adapted product to you practice.

Models and availability on request.

Modèles disponibles et tarifs sur demande.

Training for the use of Tessier sitski
Do you offer a training to use TESSIER products?

To learn SOLO sitskiing (independent Uniski and Dualski, Snow’Kart), we recommend to get some lessons with a specialized ski instructor in a ski school or an association to learn quickly and safely.

Details on training page.

Measures of the Snow'Kart
Dimensions of the Snow'Kart

L : 42 cm in function of the seat used
l1 : 115 cm
l2 : 120 cm (Bar easily removable if needed)
H1 : 66 cm
H2 : 90 cm

Weight: From 21 kg

Measures given for information. They could change in function of the chosen options.

Need a price?

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