Tandem’Flex – The delights of ski and pleasures of the mountain without any limits.

Skiing is available to everyone. Share the fun of the ride with your pilot, access to the mountain very easily and discover new sensations.

Chassis Tessier garantis 3 ans

For whom?

Possibility of active participation of the sitskierNo
Maximum weight of the sitskier< 140 kg / 310 lb
Required ski level of the pilotIntermediate
Pilot's training5 to 10 days, compulsory

Tandem’Flex is for people who can’t ski independently.

Discover ski areas, accompanied by your pilot, family or friends.



Full-suspension frame equipped with an Öhlins shock absorber for a lot of comfort and sensations.

“Grand Confort” bucket seat and qualitted Bultex® foam.


Share a unique experience with your pilot and discover the mountain, on slopes or in powder.


It is adapted to everyone without any weight limit or disability.

It offers a very interesting activity for ski schools who want to expand their public.


Technical characteristcs

Easy manipulation on the Tandem'Flex to take the chairlift

Maximized frame and ease operations

More compact and lighter than his predecessor, the Tandemski, the Tandem’Flex frame offers a perfect balance and excellent edges.

The new articulations and kinematic offer uniques sensations.

The manipulations (locking, handlebar adjustment…) are simplified.

The pilot install the passenger by himself, without thinking about the Tandem’Flex balance, thanks to the lateral locking system.


Ease of chairlift use with Tandem'Flex Tessier

Easy chairlift use

The unique chairlift system allows the pilot to bring alone his passenger, even the most corpulent people.

The lifting up is almost effortless  thanks to strong gas jacks.

The locking system in high position eliminates the effort of the pilot while waiting the chairlift.

The lateral locking system helps to avoid every unbalance.

With the new kinematic, in high position, the balance is perfect and the skis stay flat thanks to the gravity center centered on the skis.

When landing, the Tandem’Flex goes gently in low position thanks to the suspension and avoid every unbalance.

Quick adjustment of the Öhlins shock absorber on Tandem'Flex Tessier

An exceptional shock absorber system with easy adjustment

Full suspended frame with qualitied Öhlins shock absorber, equipped with a progressive spring and exclusive Quickset system developed by TESSIER.

Set it to the skier weight in 2 seconds without any tools.

More details and options about the Öhlins with Quickset system here.

Grand Confort bucket seat on Tandem'Flex Tessier

"Grand Confort" bucket seat

The wide seating is ergonomic, covered by an handmade cover with qualited Bultex® foam and offer an optimal comfort.

The adjustable 4 points harness offers an excellent support.

Handy, it can be opened by the central buckle or on each side to make people transfert easier.

The thigh strap increase the support of the passengers.

Safety brake on Tandem'Flex Tessier

Maximum safety

The pilot is always linked to the safety brake with a rope and a belt.

In case of fall, the brake is automatically activated.

This brake is mainly used as parking brake to secure the Tandem’Flex when the pilot is unleashed.

Safety brake on Tandem'Flex Tessier

Specific skis

New, Tessier Tandem’Flex skis

Tandem’Flex can be used with standard skis.

Now TESSIER offers specific skis developped and made in Italy by Blossom.

Options et accessories

Choice of the colour of the Tandem'Flex Tessier
How many colors are available?

Tandem’Flex is available in black and red.

UTY-Tessier warm cover
What kind of accessories to stay warm?

-UTY-TESSIER warm cover. Essential for sitskiers. This brand new technical and ergonomic cover will suit to almost everyone.

-Lafuma-TESSIER mittens. Warm and easy to fit. It is a useful accessory for people who can’t use standard gloves.

Details on Cover and Mittens pages.

UTY adapted clothes for sitskiing
Do you offer adapted clothes for sitskiers?
TESSIER is official distributor of UTY, clothes for sitskiers: Ski jackets, ski pants and softshell. The shape and all the details are designed for a comfortable use in a seated position.
Details on UTY page
TESSIER also has a partnership with Kinetic Balance. You can benefit from 5% discount on their products using the coupon code Tessierkb5 on the online shop : kinetic-balance.com



Wheelblades for wheelchair
How to move easily on the snow with my wheelchair?

Wheelblades is the ideal solution to move on the snow with a wheelchair.

Compact, light, easy to use and fast to install on the front wheels.

Perfect to access to the slopes and move in a snowy ski resort.

Details and video on Wheelblades page

Skis on Tandem'Flex Tessier
Are skis included with the Tandem'Flex?

Tandem’Flex is delivered with a pair of ski.

We also sell some skis separately.

Training before piloting a Tessier equipment
Do you offer training to use TESSIER products?

For the Tandem’Flex, a training of 5 to 10 days is mandatory.

These trainings are offered by TESSIER trainer partners.

Details on training page.

Tandem'Flex measures
Dimensions of the Tandem'Flex

L1 : 56 cm
L2 : 77 cm
l1 : 148 cm
l2 : 158 cm (with unfolded bar)
H1 : 106 cm
H2 : 110 cm (with unfolded bar)

Weight: 49 kg

Measures given for information. They could change in function of the chosen options.


“Many thanks for designing and improving ski equipments allowing disabled people to have fun on the snow and mountains. Last April the 15th, I got the great pleasure to ski down the “vallée blanche” with Doumé and Lionel. That would never been possible without you! Thank you again!”


Tandem'Flex passenger

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