Tempo Dualski

Latest Tessier innovation for more dynamism.

Whether you are beginner or very good skier, the Tempo Dualski will answer to all your sollicitations and will be your partner for years.




3 years waranty on TESSIER frames

For whom?

  • Teaching / Learning 100% 100%
  • Leisure skiing 100% 100%
  • Racing 60% 60%
  • Freeride 100% 100%

The Tempo Dualski is intended to people who have a lower limb disability. It allows skiing independently with remarkable performances. It is much more than a biski.

Easy to ski, it is quickly handled and allows a fast improvement.

The fully suspended frame allows skiing efficiently and it will completely satisfy experienced skiers.

If you are looking for an easy sitski without limiting your desire to escape, the Tempo Dualski is made for you.



The suspension movement and the specially designed Öhlins shock absorber offer an excellent ski / snow contact.


The Tempo Uniski helps you to improve yourself. You will enjoy whatever the conditions of snow and slope.


2 strong gas jacks help you to rise up for the chairlift without any efforts. Taking the chairlift becomes a child’s play !

Technical specs

Tessier Tempo Dualski base

Dualski base

The best of Tessier technology at the service of the Tempo.

The Dualski base is the same than the Scarver: more rigidity and more edges.

It is also adjustable with an exclusive system to accompany you during your improvement.

Full Öhlins suspension on Tempo Dualski Tessier

Full suspension

Fully suspended frame equipped with a Öhlins shock absorber.

All the body and the feet of the skier are cushioned. All the pressures are well distributed on the ski and give more grips, more efficiency and sensations.

Taking the chairlift with Tempo Dualski Tessier

Chairlift use

2 strong gas jacks help you to rise up the Tempo.

The frame’s kinematics was designed to help you keeping the chairlift position without any efforts.

The balance is perfect.

mounting the assistance or piloting bar on Tempo Dualski Tessier

Piloting and assistance bar

The assistance and piloting bar are very simply fixed in the rear on the Tempo frame. No need to unfix the seat.

The Tempo Uniski is also ideal for learning and the assistance bar offers more comfort to the ski instructor.

With the piloting bar, the Tempo is configurable in Duo version.

Options et accessories

Tessier carbon seat
Which seat to choose?

TESSIER offers composite seats adapted to everyone.

– 7 sizes whose 1 kid, with different backrest height and width.

– 3 completions: Kevlar-carbon, Carbon and Gelcoat.

– Personalization.

Details on Seats page

The range of shock absorbers for Tessier sitski equipment
Which shock absorber to choose?

3 models :

– Öhlins + Quickset system : Ideal for a collective use. Easy adjustment to all weight in 2 seconds and without any tool.

– Öhlins SX : Simple (no hydraulic settings) it offers performance and comfort similar to those of the Öhlins PRC. Excellent quality-to-price ratio.

– Öhlins PRC : The top range shock absorber for the Tempo. It includes the possibility to adjust the compression and the rebound.

Details on shock absorbers page

Tessier sitskiing equipment for kids
Does it fit with childs and person of short stature?

Yes thanks to 2 accessories :

– The “children” seat. A small size for young skiers !

Details on Seats page

– The raised footrest : replace easily the standard footrest when legs are too short.

Leg protection for Tessier sitski equipment
Which legs protection to choose?

– The fabric leg cover is ideal for a leisure use. Soft, easy to install and useful with the pocket on the knees. It protects you from wind and snow projection.

– The Racing foot fairing : it offers an excellent protection and gives a great look. Available in several completion as Carbon or Gelcoat. It is used only with neoprene shoes.

Details on Cover and Leg protection pages

Skilift harness system for Tessier sitski equipment
What do I need to take the draglift?

The ski lift harness is essential for the use of draglift.

Several models are available in function of the kind of lift (poma lift or T-bar)

Details on Ski lift harness page

(Chairlifts are usable by all the TESSIER equipment without any additional accessories)

Chose the outriggers for Tessier sitski equipment
Which model of outriggers?

2 different models:

– TRACER: The new Tessier model. The lightest model, simple and adjustable.

– Superlite: the world reference. Light and quickly adjustable.

Details on outriggers page


If you cannot hold firmly your outriggers, the Fix’Hand’Ski gloves are for you.

Details on glove page

UTY adapted clothes for sitskiing
Do you offer an adapted range of sitskiing clothes?

TESSIER is official distributor of UTY, clothes for sitskiers: Ski jackets, ski pants and softshell.

The shape and all the details are designed for a comfortable use in a seated position.

Details on UTY page

TESSIER also has a partnership with Kinetic Balance. You can benefit from 5% discount on their products using the coupon code Tessierkb5 on the online shop : kinetic-balance.com

Patins Wheelblades pour fauteuil roulant
How to move easily on the snow with my wheelchair?

Wheelblades are the ideal solution to move on the snow with a wheelchair.

Compact, light, easy to use and fast to install on the front wheels.

Perfect to access to the slopes and move in a snowy ski resort.

Details and video on Wheelblades page

Choose your skis for Tessier sitski equipment
Does the skis included?

If you want.

TESSIER equipment is usable with standard skis and bindings of every brand.

We offer several model from Rossignol, tested and selected to offer you the most adapted product to you practice.

Models and availability on request.

Training for the use of Tessier sitski equipment
Do you offer a training to use TESSIER products?

To learn SOLO sitskiing (independent Uniski and Dualski), we recommend to get some lessons with a specialized ski instructor in a ski school or an association to learn quickly and safely.

Details on Training page

Tempo Dualski measures
Dimensions of the Tempo Dualski

L : 37 to 53 cm in function of the seat
l1 : 90 cm
l2 : 125 cm (bar easily removable if needed)
H1 : 63 to 73 cm
H2 : 115 to 118 cm

Weight: From 18kg

Measures given for information. They could change in function of the chosen options.


I’ve tried many SitSkis on the market and spent many years testing my race setup, but jumping into the Tempo for the first time I was astounded! It was effortless to ski and by far the easiest sitski I’ve ever used. From high end carves to quick Slalom turns the Tempo can do it all with ease. I particularly warmed to the DualSki configuration and surprised how versatile it was, having never used a DualSki before I was so impressed with the performance and also the added benefits of two edges. The geometry of the frame coupled with the purpose built shock works like a Dream and the new lift mechanism makes getting up on the lift a breeze. I couldn’t fault it, there’s something for everyone.


Ex Bristish Paralympian sitskier

I’ve been skiing a couple of weeks this season and I really enyoj it. The Tiempo Dualski works great and I had so much fun, looking forward for the next season to learn more and get better.
Just wanted to tell you that the eqipment works great and I’m so glad I bought a sitski. Thanks for the amazing suport for ordering and choosing the right stuff for me, it all works great.

Alexander WIKNER

Swedish sitskier

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