TESSIER designs, produces and commercializes the widest range of outdoor adaptive sports equipment.

Our goal

Our products have been developed to give a maximum of pleasure, performance and independence to disabled people. When the equipment allows a sitskier to have the same independence and the same performances as his family or friends who ski with him, the idea of disability disappears and the goal is reached. Some skiers won’t be able to ski alone. For them the goal is to make the mountain access easier and to give them a maximum of pleasure and independence.

Our Team



Genreral manager

Passions : Ski, Moto, Photo, Mountain



Secretary, Accounting

Passions : Cooking, Moto, Nature



Sales engineer

Passions : Ski, Mountain biking, Mountain sports, Travel by foot or bike

Richard ROUL

Richard ROUL

Technical sales rep.

Passions : Ski, Bridge, Rock climbing



Technical sales rep.

Passions : Squash, Ski, Mountain

Also Sébastien, Eric, Bruno & Olivier

Also Sébastien, Eric, Bruno & Olivier


You see them less often but they are those who make your products!

You can also meet them sometime riding a Tandem’Flex or a Cimgo.

Our values


The very essence of Tessier is our passion for mountain and outdoor sports, and the desire to share it.


We commit ourselves to assist our clients and to provide them the best advices so they find the equipment that best suit their needs.

By our involvement, we also participate to the adaptive sport development in general (equipment, training, accessibility, legislation…).


We are always looking for new concepts in order to develop outdoor sports for all and to continually improve performance.


Thanks to our know-how, we try to always offer the best to our products’ users: quality customer service, high-performance and reliable products for the greater safety.

Our Job

To guarantee the best quality, we integrate the entire life-cycle of our products. Design on 3D software, production in Savoie (French Alps), commercialization, training, after sales service.

This control allows us achieving continuous improvement.

Every year we can offer new products and/or upgrades of actual products.

Know more about TESSIER Technology

Design, production and commercialization Tessier

Our History

TESSIER : more than 25 years of innovation at the service of sitskiing and sport for everyone.


1988 - The start

While he was working with disabled people in a holiday center in the ski area of St Sorlin d’Arves, Pierre TESSIER met members of the Association des Paralysés de France (French disabled people organization) who started to work on a sitski to share skiing pleasures with children.

Fond of skiing and mechanic, Pierre TESSIER get involved in this project in order to develop the equipment and the training to drive this product which is the forerunner of the Tandemski.

1988 - in his barn

Pierre Tessier organizes his barn to install a welding station to work on prototypes, for pleasure and then as a professional.

1995 - Creation of TESSIER company

After having developed a system allowing the equipment to be used on chairlifts, Pierre TESSIER decides to set up his company.
The first year the Tandemski (previously called Fauteuil Ski Articulé ou FSA) is the only model he produces at 25 units.

1995 - Launching of the Tandemski

The Tandemski is the first sitski made by TESSIER.
Its unique concept open the possibility to everyone to ski and to discover intense sensations.
(It’s not produced anymore since 2013)

1996 - TESSIER invents the DUALSKI

Pierre TESSIER invents a new concept with 2 skis with very good performance for sitskiers: the Dualski.
He patented this invention.
During years the Leisure Dualski has been the star product of the company.
More information about the Leisure Dualski

1996 - Leisure UNISKI

Simpler than a Dualski and more widespread at this time (even if still marginal), the Uniski (monoski) from TESSIER fit many skiers.
More information about the Leisure Uniski.

1999 - New workshop in St Jean de Maurienne

The barn at St Sorlin d’Arves is too narrow. TESSIER moves up to a workshop in St Jean de Maurienne.

2001 - VFC - Vertical Flex Concept

The VFC (Vertical Flex Concept) is a technical sitski for the best sitskiers in Uniski and Dualski.
It has been one of the best of its generation.
(It is not produced anymore since 2010)

2005 - Piloted Dualski

The development of the « piloting bar » allows to transform the Dualski into a Piloted Dualski. It gives this biski even more versatility.
This system offers at this time the best comfort and possibilities for DUO sitski.
More information about the Piloted Dualski.

2005 - Kartski

The Kartski gives more autonomy to people who can’t ski independently in Uniski or Dualski.
Based on a concept developed in France in the 80’s, the KARTSKI is a unique product.
(It’s not produced since 2015)

2006 - New building!

In order to cope with its expanding activities TESSIER moves to a new building well adapted to its activity.

2008 - SCARVER

The Scarver is the first and only monoski on which all important settings can be adjusted to the sitskier.
This racing or top level sitskier’s products is still one of the best of the market.
More information about the Scarver

2009 - Dualski base for Scarver

In order to use the Scarver both in Uniski and Dualski. This high performance Dualski base is widely popular among freeriders.
The change is simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes.

2009 - Cimgo

TESSIER launches its first summer product: the CIMGO.
It’s a unique concept of a downhill mountain tandem wheelchair to enjoy mountain in summer too!
More information about the CIMGO.


After 17 years of manufacturing and many upgrades, the TANDEMSKI is replaced by the TANDEM’FLEX.
Lighter, more comfortable, offering better performances ; It’s a huge success. Both pilots and passengers love it!
More information about the Tandem’Flex.

2014 - TEMPO

Uniski, Dualski, Duo, everyone will find the model he needs!
For the development of these products, TESSIER has searched for the best blend between simplicity and versatility, easiness and performance. The goal is reached.

The Tempo Dualski (biski) or Tempo Uniski (monoski) fit perfectly beginners up to advanced sitskiers or ski schools and programs.
More information about the Tempo.

2015 - SNOW'KART

The Kartski is replaced by the Snow’Kart.
Easier, with better performances, more stable, easier for chairlift use, more versatile with adult, children and Easydrive levers ; Kartski version 2.0!
More information about the Snow’Kart

2016 - SWAIK

Thanks to several prototypes developped and tested in 2015 with some of the best world riders, launching of the first series of the Swaik, a unique sitwake frame thanks to unique setting possibilities and the Full-Flex system.

More information about the Swaik- Tessier sitwake

2019 - ESKAIP

We are proud to launch the first fully adjustable cross country sledge!

More information about the Eskaip

2019 - ESKAIP

Move to a new building at Alpespace (Sainte Hélène du Lac, France).

To follow

More ideas, project… We still plan to invent new adaptive outdoor sports equipment!


Level of satisfaction about commercial relation / customer service


Level of satisfaction about all the products

Result of a survey realized in june 2015, sent to all the buyers of a TESSIER frame during the 2014/2015 season.