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TESSIER is worldwide market leader for sitskiing equipment. We also offer summer adaptive equipment (Cimgo and Swaik).

We design, produce and commercialize the world’s widest range of sitskiing products for people with all kinds of disabilities to ski independently (Solo) or with a pilot (Duo).

Our philosophy is to offer the best level of performance, autonomy and pleasure.

Our products are unanimously recognized for their innovative character, reliability and high manufacturing quality.

We attach great importance to assist our clients for the choice of the equipment and to offer the best service for a complete long term satisfaction.

Our products are approved by the French Government for the use of skilifts and we are the unique sitski manufacturer to offer a 3 years warranty on the frames.

TESSIER’s products are entirely Made in the French Alps.


Degree of satisfaction : Reliability


Degree of satisfaction : easy of use & easy for setting and adjusting


Degree of the global satisfaction

Result of the satisfaction inquiry made in June 2015 with all our 2014/2015 season customers (who bought a frame)


All TESSIER products in a 3 minutes video!

Let’s discover our ranges :


Solo adaptive skiing monoski-dualski
Duo adaptive skiing biski-tandem
Tessier summer adaptive sports equipment

SOLO range: Scarver,Tempo Uniski & Dualski, Leisure Uniski & Dualski and Snow’Kart

You will find into this Solo range the sitski allowing you skiing with the best level of autonomy, pleasure and performance according to your physical abilities.

The Scarver, the Tempo and Leisure models, in Dualski or Uniski, are intended to people who have a lower limb disability. They allow to ski independently with remarkable performances like the best abled-bodies skiers.

The Snow’Kart offers independence to people who can’t ski with the other Solo products because of a lack of balance or strength in arms.

Driver Ski SOLO Tessier
Tessier Scarver uniski monoski with full carbon foot fairing
Scarver Dualski Tessier with carbon foot fairing

SCARVER – The reference for adrenaline addicts!

The Scarver offers the best level of performance and precision on the slopes, when racing or freeriding.

It offers exclusive setting possibilities for a custom-made adaptation. The weight-to-stiffness ratio is excellent.

The Scarver is the only sitski frame worldwide allowing switching from Uniski to Dualski, in less than 2 minutes.

Used by more and more international racers (46 international podiums in 2014/2015, 91 in 15/16 and 106 in 16/17), the Scarver will satisfy the most demanding skiers.

Monoski Tempo Uniski Tessier
Tessier Tempo Dualski Bi-ski
Tessier Tempo Dualski Bi-ski

TEMPO -The perfect blend between easiness and performance!

The Tempo offers performances close to the Scarver’s one, but is also perfect for beginners.

You will take the chairlift without any effort and with the best comfort.

In Uniski or Dualski, the Tempo will satisfy every skier, whatever the level, and looking for a recreational or a sportive practice.

With the Tempo you will reach a maximum of pleasure at your own pace.




2018 novelty, the Tempo Access is perfect for children and very easy to use, perfect for sitskiers with limited balance.

logo du Snow'Kart tessier
Tessier Snow'Kart

SNOW’KART “ Just enjoy it!

Fun, stable and easy to use, the Snow’Kart is made for adults and children who have their upper limbs functional, but a lack of balance, a lack of strenght or a poor movement coordination.

The Snow’Kart allow you to ski almost independently. The training period is fast; perfect to have fun quickly! With the Easydrive option, you will be able to drive the Snow’Kart with only 1 hand.

DUO range : Tandem’Flex and Tempo Duo 

You will find into this Duo range the sitski allowing everyone, whatever his disability, to ski and enjoy the pleasure of the glide with a pilot-guide.

Our experience in piloted sitski allows to semi-dependent people or dependent people to ski comfortably and efficiently. You will never find the same performances anywhere else!

Tandem'FlexTempo Duo
Possibility of active participation of the sitskierNoFrom low to very active
Maximum weight of the sitskier< 140 kg / 310 lb< 90 kg / 200 lb
Required ski level of the pilotIntermediateGood
Pilot's training5 to 10 days, compulsoryRecommended
Tessier Tandem'Flex


Historical product of TESSIER Company, the Tandemski is unique in the world. It’s replaced since 2013 by the Tandem’Flex offering a new generation product!

The Tandem’Flex is designed for everybody, whatever the weight, the age or the dependence degree, even people without any autonomy.

The pilot who has followed a specific compulsory training drives the Tandem’Flex and share with his passenger incomparable gliding feelings.

20 years of improvements for offering you the best performances with an unbeatable comfort.

Bi-ski Tessier Tempo Duo
Bi-ski Tessier Tempo Duo comfort

TEMPO DUO “ Sharing the joy of skiing!

Designed for semi-dependent people or dependent people, the Tempo Duo is the best bi-ski of the market thanks to :

– its great easiness to take the skilifts,

– the best of TESSIER’s technology for exceptional gliding performances,

– its unique comfort,

– its high versatility.

SUMMER range: Cimgo and Swaik

TESSIER is universally recognized for the quality of it’s sitskis.

From 2009 we have been offering the Cimgo, a unique concept of all-terrain tandem for downhill.

From spring 2016, TESSIER has been offering the Swaik, an innovative frame for wakeboarding.



CIMGO – Mountain for everybody, in summer too!

Tandem downhill wheelchair to ride all kind of tracks, the Cimgo is designed for everybody, whatever your weight, your age and your degree of autonomy.

Driven by a special trained pilot, you will discover the mountain, the forest, wonderful landscapes and you will experience great feelings and intense shared moments thanks to this unique and innovative product.

Equipment approved by the French Government for the use of chairlifts and gondolas.

Swaik sitwake by Tessier
Tessier Wakeboard sitwake & waterski - Swaik

SWAIK  – Sit-Wakeboard

A unique light and rigid frame which respect the flex of the board, and offers several adjustments (height at the front and the rear, seating angle).

Used by the best riders (2016 French Champion, European Champion, World Champion), the SWAIK is also perfect for beginners or clubs.